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Driver Connect

the onboard system for identifying your drivers while managing their privacy

A high-performance onboard system ,
for your cars, trucks and machinery

The Driver Connect system saves you time by identifying and managing your drivers on the road, while protecting their privacy with a special privacy option. With the eco-driving indicators, Driver Connect supports your mobile employees with making the energy transition.

« Driver Connect is the reference onboard system in connected telematics! »

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Equip your drivers with Driver Connect,
the onboard system for cars, trucks and machinery

Badge d'identificationDriver identification for control of your activity

With your company’s own passes or passes supplied by Ocean, track vehicle activity by driver and simplify your administrative procedures.

For example, monitor working time, automate pay or easily locate a driver when an offense is committed.


Quick and easy installation for all types of vehicles

Driver Connect is easily installed on the dashboard. It adapts as easily to cars as to trucks and machinery.

Special feature for machinery: immobilization service. Driver Connect keeps machinery safe when coupled with an immobilization system, which can be disabled only by authorized personnel.


Rapports de positions et des usages privés

Geolocation option for driver wellbeing

With the Driver Connect onboard system, offer your employees a reliable solution to log private travel with complete peace of mind. Easily distinguish between private and professional use of your vehicles. Disabling location also enables you to comply with your CNIL and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) legal obligations.


Fuel savings with eco-driving

The Driver Connect onboard system enables you to engage in an environmentally responsible driving approach and make significant savings, particularly on fuel.

Your mobile personnel can see their driving behavior in real time and adapt their driving to reduce their risk of accidents and their fuel consumption. This cuts your CO2 emissions and reduces the environmental impact of your vehicles.



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solution available with or without geolocation

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