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Manage your activity and your teams of gardeners and landscapers with a dedicated fleet management solution.

Whether your customers are private individuals, businesses or local authorities, your company is subject to time constraints when planning, creating and maintaining gardens and green spaces. With a fleet management solution designed specifically for landscaping companies, optimize your employees’ rounds while looking after their safety.

Our fleet management solutions, particularly Geopro, enable you to meet the time constraints of your jobs while analyzing their profitability, with a reduction in your fuel budget and calculation of your guaranteed minimums.

« By adapting to the needs of landscaping companies, we guarantee to provide a tailored solution that will optimize the productivity of gardeners and landscapers. »

Manage your activity by optimizing your teams’ productivity

Optimize your resources and costs

Optimize your organization

Improve customer satisfaction

Be green in the way you run your company too

With our fleet management solutions specifically designed for landscaping companies, you can optimize all your resources to make significant savings. Analyze working time, travel time, and machinery and utility vehicle usage time, and receive alerts in the event of anomalies. You can also calculate your guaranteed minimums, schedule the maintenance of your machinery and utility vehicles and anticipate your expenditure.

By analyzing the geographical distribution of jobs, you can reduce the mileage of equipment and utility vehicles during those jobs and make savings on your fuel budget

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The time initially allowed for a pruning job may be insufficient, so sometimes you need to adjust it based on the job. To manage billable time properly, with our fleet management solution designed specifically for landscaping companies, you can optimize visits and journeys and distribute your teams’ workload fairly.

Assess your organization’s performance based on objective criteria (mileage, vehicle usage rates, time spent on customers’ premises, etc.).

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Because a vehicle fleet management solution helps you to analyze the time spent on each customer’s premises and enables you to locate the nearest employee in an emergency, it also helps to improve customer satisfaction by enabling you to meet your time commitments.

By keeping track of all work done, you can monitor your actions precisely, and continuously improve your quality of service and productivity.


You work with nature and plants every day, considering the environment and biodiversity. So, why not make your company more environmentally friendly through greener fleet management?

With Ocean’s eco-driving solutions, available particularly in the Geopro range, you can make your gardeners and landscapers more environmentally responsible, even at the wheel. By driving more steadily and using less fuel, you reduce your CO2 emissions and also accidents and insurance claims.

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Our solutions


Geopro solution

The complete solution with all options to manage your fleet of vehicles, equipment and assets



The module for optimizing the use of your fleet and the number of vehicles you need

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Driver connect

The connected box, which identifies your drivers and protects their privacy