Privacy Calendar

for peace of mind when
managing driver time slots

Application Calendrier Vie Privée

Drivers feel more comfortable and in control of their hours

Drivers schedule their working days, weekends and vacations themselves in advance. During non-working hours, geolocation is disabled and their journey is displayed as private. Drivers can therefore schedule vacations and weekends ahead of time and use their vehicle without worry.

« The privacy calendar enables drivers to identify all their non-working hours, whether during workdays (lunch breaks) or at other times (weekends, vacations, absences, etc.).»

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Quick and easy fleet data management

OrdinateurGreater simplicity for fleet managers

During the selected time slots, the vehicle’s geographical position reporting is disabled (for solutions with geolocation). Distance traveled is still recorded so fleet managers know the vehicle’s true mileage.

This enables them not only to manage and plan ahead for vehicle maintenance but also to supervise compliance with driving laws, where relevant. They can also calculate drivers’ fringe benefits as accurately as possible.


 Simple, intuitive interface

In the Ocean Conduite mobile app, drivers give the reason and the start and end date and time of private events.

Vacations and absences are displayed in a summary table, which can be viewed by the fleet manager.


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Fleet management without geolocation, it can be done!

Don’t want geolocation? Optimize your fleet with Park Connect

Ocean informs you of mileage, usage cost and CO2 emissions. Receive essential information and respect your drivers’ privacy.  Cut TCO (total cost of ownership) too, by reducing your maintenance costs, fuel costs and insurance premiums. Monitor long-term rental contracts and manage all fuel cards with Ocean.


100% connected

Connect and manage all your property, from vehicles and construction machinery to mobile assets.
Connected fleet management consists of collecting information on the use of your fleet, whether it is made up of cars, machinery or equipment.
This information is gathered using connected boxes (which contain a GPS chip) and locator beacons, which we offer as part of our specially designed solutions.

Our system lets you track your fleet’s field activity. It alerts you at the desired date or distance of any servicing or technical inspections due to be carried out, for more efficient vehicle fleet management.

Coupled with an immobilization system, prevent the use of machinery by unauthorized personnel. Track machinery activity by driver and easily identify drivers by means of activity reports.

Green your fleet with Ocean. You benefit from modules dedicated to CSR: management of electric and hybrid vehicles, including electrification diagnostics, eco-driving and car-sharing.

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Our solutions

Sans géolocalisation

Parkconnect solution

The fleet management solution without geolocation

Conducteur connecté

Driver Connect

The connected box, which identifies your drivers and protects their privacy


Geopack solution

The ideal solution for vehicle and equipment fleet management for small to medium-sized businesses


Geopro solution

The complete solution with all options to manage your fleet of vehicles, equipment and assets