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All our company vehicle fleet management solutions designed specifically for field sales forces

Want to monitor your company’s sales activity and increase your teams’ efficiency? With our company vehicle fleet management solutions, improve your drivers’ geographical coverage and cut operating costs.

The Geopro solution is specially designed to meet the challenges of field sales force management.

Configured according to your needs and goals, Geopro delivers a completely personalized service and directly usable reports. The solution is available with or without geolocation and is designed for medium-sized and large companies.

« More than 10,000 vehicles on the road are already equipped with our Geopro solution.»

Manage your field sales force and gain practical benefits

Improve geographical coverage

Optimize commercial efficiency

Reduce your costs

Towards an environmentally responsible approach to driving

To increase your teams’ efficiency, it is important to be able to optimize geographical coverage. With our company vehicle fleet management solutions specifically for sales forces, analyze customer meetings by region or by team.

Also obtain mileage and journey time information and get a precise view of areas visited on a map. Use its features to optimize coverage of sales areas and distribute them fairly among your sales forces.

More specifically, analyze the number of appointments of each sales representative and how they are distributed. This will give you detailed data about duration, routes, and travel time.

With Geopro, you can view activity by address visited to optimize individual organization and assess performance based on objective criteria. You benefit from an overall view of your team but also details of the organization of each individual in your sales team.

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In addition to better team organization and monitoring, reduction of costs is one of the main objectives of using a company vehicle fleet management solution.

Use the solution to monitor productivity, schedule maintenance, and manage all aspects of your fleet, while identifying sources of savings. It provides all the information you need to make the right decisions, reduce sales costs and optimize your fleet’s total cost of ownership.


Committing to environmentally responsible behavior is a real challenge for businesses. It is also a challenge that affects sales forces and staff on the road, and can considerably reduce your company’s carbon footprint.

With our vehicle fleet management solutions for sales forces, you can see how your drivers drive and share their driving data with them. This enables them to improve their driving so they drive more steadily and consume less fuel.

This can reduce accidents and insurance bills, fuel costs and CO2 emissions.

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