Eco-driving: the easily accessible module for cutting your carbon footprint!


Eco-driving, what is it ?

As part of an environmentally responsible driving approach, eco-driving helps you to reduce the risk of accidents and the environmental impact of your vehicles by cutting CO2 emissions.

Through the use of driving indicators, such as the number of sudden braking actions or sharp turns, which can increase fuel consumption by around 30%, your can cut your CO2 emissions and calculate the savings made.

By reducing your fuel spending and CO2 emissions, this approach makes you an environmentally responsible company and showcases your values.


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Eco-driving: good for drivers and companies

Via the use of telematics solutions, you are embracing a more economical approach to driving and can make significant savings while improving the safety of your drivers.

Better driver management also means better care of their safety. Ocean supports you with preventing risks on the road, which are the leading cause of death at work.




Environmentally responsible driving that saves money too!

With our dedicated apps, you will soon notice savings as a result of monitoring your drivers’ driving styles. The dashboards include indicators such as accelerations, sharp turns and mileage. You can also use up to 20% less fuel, optimising the total cost of ownership (TCO) of your fleet as a whole. 


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