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One of the ways that our fleet management solutions meet the needs of every business is through joining forces with a network of relevant, trusted partners partners whom we can rely on as we continue to make our solutions even better.

Discover our different types of partners, from institutional partners to partners in industry and vehicle manufacturing.

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Institutional Partners

Fédération française du bâtiment

We have been the historic and exclusive national partner of construction companies for more than 10 years.

Nearly 3000 FFB members have our equipment installed and we work with the main departmental federations to run meetings on societal themes (reducing accidents and claims; combating theft, etc.) for members, in the Partner Clubs and the clubs for young and female business leaders; we also attend AGMs and building trades days.

We also take part in the “24 heures du Bâtiment” events and the FFB’s annual conference.

La Fédération Française du Bâtiment

Working with the FFB, Ocean - Orange Business Services has developed solutions specifically for the construction and renovation sector.

As Ocean – Orange Business Services, we organize themed meetings, attend AGMs and the Spring Festival, and offer members our onboard telematics solutions designed specifically for the construction industry.


The climatic engineering, roofing and plumbing companies union is a professional body set up to represent and defend the interests of construction companies to the public authorities, economic decision-makers and other construction industry stakeholders.

www.e-btp.fr is an online services portal for building tradespeople and businesses. Free, no-commitment registration provides access to a range of online services, information and applications: management solutions, indicators, construction payroll solutions, public procurement watch, online data storage, etc.



Ocean Orange Business Services is a shareholder and partner in the e-btp portal. We offer our solutions on the portal at preferential rates.

Ocean Orange Business Services and SMABTP have been partners for more than 10 years, offering construction industry professionals preferential rates on solutions, and joint information on accidents and claims.


SMABTP has been providing its expertise and know-how for nearly 160 years to offer all construction industry and property professionals unique, high performance insurance solutions.

Founded in 2010, SPVIE Assurances is a multi-dimensional brokerage group combining expertise, new technologies, a local presence and entrepreneurialism.

SPVIE Assurances is open with its target customers (private individuals, businesses and professionals) about its offer (life insurance and insurance for fire, accidents and other risks), its activities and the world around it through its social and societal commitment.

From product design to distribution, from policy subscription to management of payouts, the SPVIE Assurances group deploys all its capabilities and maintains a presence with all sectors through an entirely online, automated value chain.

SPVIE has supported networks of construction tradespeople for 4 years now with its own SPVIE products and a number of delegated insurance services.

SPVIE Assurances

The partnership with SPVIE Assurances aims to provide a special “Connected Mobility” service offer for SPVIE members in the construction sector and partner brokers.

UNEP brings together landscaping professionals to share their experience, manage, organize and defend the profession, and agree on action to promote their activities and business.

We also offer members preferential rates on our solutions interfaced with the leading ERP on the market (Spock Gestion).


Ocean Orange Business Services has been a partner of UNEP for more than 10 years, has developed a sector-specific solution, runs meetings on particular themes for members and attends regional AGMs.

Climate change issues are at the heart of contemporary concerns, whether political or economic and social. Eco-driving, which is both simple and rapidly operational, aligns perfectly with responsible citizenship. Combining the expertise of two expert partners, Ocean – Orange Business Services and ECF, provides a comprehensive geo-safety solution (prevention, training, technology) guaranteeing the following benefits:

  • Reduction in accidents and claims while also addressing environmental issues
  • Creation of a brand image of corporate citizenship committed to the environment
  • Guarantee of steadier driving
  • Reduction in fuel costs and carbon footprint

We organize and take part together in meetings on the subjects of protecting the environment and preventing accidents and claims.


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Combining the expertise of two expert partners, Ocean - Orange Business Services and ECF, provides a comprehensive geo-safety solution (prevention, training, technology) guaranteeing the following benefits

DLR has more than 650 members in the distribution, rental and services sectors for construction and industrial equipment.



Ocean Orange Business Services has been an associate member of DLR for 10 years. We take part in sector-themed days, regional meetings and the annual conference and offer our sector-specific solutions to members.

GESEC is an economic interest grouping founded in 1970, which represents 350 small businesses in the heating, plumbing, electrical and sanitary trades throughout France.

GESEC’s member companies deal with various types of customers: private, tertiary sector, industries, local authorities, public services, architects and designers. They work on different types of site: new and renovation, design, installation and maintenance.


Ocean Orange Business Services is a partner of GESEC, runs information meetings on particular topics for members at regional level, takes part in its annual conference and offers solutions designed specifically for the sector at preferential rates.

Industry Partners


AntsRoute is the delivery and response route planning and optimization solution. With an intuitive, user-friendly interface, the software interfaces with existing sector-specific tools within organizations and makes organizing daily rounds easy. AntsRoute supports companies in the logistics, maintenance and health sectors by providing:

– intelligent planning,

– optimized round creation,

– real-time monitoring of performance in the field,

– enhanced communication with customers,

– and the implementation of a high-performance reporting system.



Ocean Orange Business Services and AntsRoute offer a true integrated geo-optimization solution that not only improves the productivity of mobile teams but also improves the quality of services offered.

Originally a simple CMMS, Twimm has evolved and innovated to produce a complete management tool for monitoring the maintenance of your buildings.

The industry solution is used by mobile technicians employed by maintenance companies, after-sales service companies, and companies managing widely dispersed facilities, who have to travel from site to site to carry out preventive and corrective maintenance (servicing, troubleshooting, inspection).TWIMM specializes in maintenance in the following business sectors: heating, ventilation, air conditioning, electrical systems, elevators.

Combining both solutions improves the scheduling of work and increases teams’ productivity.

Ocean Orange Business Services and Twimm offer a genuine integrated geoplanning solution.

We participate with Twimm in trade shows, organize meetings on particular themes, and work together with all members of GESEC.


Since 2009, Twimm has made its experience and technology available to a construction information-sharing platform.

Pradexo is the French leader in service management software solutions for companies with mobile employees (technicians, auditors/inspectors, etc.). Since 2016, Pradexo has been in the prestigious Gartner Magic Quadrant, which identifies the global top 15 service management solutions each year.

We take part together in trade shows and communicate regularly through articles (road risk prevention, eco-driving, etc.).


Ocean Orange Business Services and Praxedo offer a genuine connected service planning offer.

GEOCONCEPT, leading European publisher of geographical information systems. GEOCONCEPT is now a global leader in mapping and optimization apps for businesses. Because businesses need to improve the efficiency of mobile teams in the field, GEOCONCEPT offers:

Optimized appointment scheduling, automatic diary organization, strategic long-term planning, real-time management, etc.

By adding geolocation to the optimization of mobile teams, it is possible to set up a proper round geo-optimization strategy.


Ocean Orange Business Services and GEOCONCEPT offer a genuine integrated geo-optimization solution.
GAC technology

Since 2007, GAC Technology has developed and offered 100% web-based fleet management software (in SaaS mode) for general management, general services, purchasing departments and finance departments. Today, with the GAC HUB, GAC Technology imports more than 22 million data lines each month from different suppliers (rental companies, oil companies, insurers, etc.).

GAC Technology

Ocean Orange Business Services and GAC Technology offer a genuine connected fleet management and telematics solution.

SPOCK is a software designed to help landscaping companies with the transmission of site information, and to provide them with reliable indicators for decision-making: monitoring of sites, labor, equipment, site results, company situation, etc.

SPOCK is gradually expanding into the civil engineering sector.

We also take part together in trade shows, particularly PAYSALIA.

SPOCK Gestion

Ocean Orange Business Services and SPOCK Gestion offer a connected solution for landscaping companies and members of UNEP.

AlertGasoil est une jeune start-up marseillaise qui développe un system for measuring the fuel consumption, and CO2 emissions of HGVs, buses and coaches.

It provides an overall management solution for fuel costs in real time, and particularly helps to combat theft of fuel, which has become common currency, particularly in Africa.


Ocean Orange Business Services markets the AlertGasoil solution in Africa with the support of local distributors.

Vehicle manufacturing partners


Since then, Ocean, as the Orange group’s key telematics brand, has offered its business customers an enriched offer based on specific data from the Canbus of vehicles made by the PSA group.

Ocean’s commercial engineers work in close collaboration with the PSA brands’ distribution network. The PSA Ocean O-Direct solution that has emerged from this historic partnership gives fleet managers accurate, relevant, precise and succinct reports and indicators that help them to effectively manage their TCO.

PSA Group

Orange was PSA’s first partner, from 2013, integrating the data from the manufacturer’s Canbus box into its telematic services platform.

Citroën manufactures cars and commercial vehicles. In 2020, it accelerated the electrification of its range, with no less than 6 electric models (either 100% electric, or plug-in hybrid), starting with the Citroën C5 Aircross Hybrid SUV, the brand’s first plug-in hybrid.

From 2021, through the C-Cubed program, the manufacturer will launch a range of new international models with a high level of local integration.

In 2019, the brand sold 1 million vehicles in more than 90 countries.

In France in 2019, the Citroën network had 2,116 dealerships


Citroën has continued to grow internationally with the launch of Citroën in India, a key market for the brand’s global growth in the coming years.

Peugeot’s ambition is to be the global high-end general purpose brand.

By 2025, 100% of its car and commercial vehicle ranges will be electrified.

In France in 2019, the Peugeot network had 2,219 dealerships.


Peugeot mainly produces cars, commercial vehicles and motorcycles. It has a presence in more than 160 countries through 10,000 dealerships, and sold nearly 1,500,000 vehicles worldwide in 2019
DS automobiles

The DS line in Europe initially consisted of three models and segments: (Citroën) DS3 (city car), DS4 (compact) and DS5 (hatchback). Since 2014, the DS brand has been independent and has expanded globally.

On February 28, 2017, DS presented the DS 7 Crossback, the first vehicle to be designed entirely by the newly created brand.

It is the lead vehicle in the new 100% DS Automobiles range. DS aims to bring a new model to the market every year. After the DS 7 Crossback in 2018, the DS 3 Crossback came onto the market in 2019. The DS 9 was unveiled in early 2020, and marketed from the end of 2020.

The DS Automobiles brand now offers all its new range in electric or plug-in hybrid versions.

In France in 2019, the DS network had 145 dealerships.


The brand had been in existence for five years by June 2014. The first official presentation of the DS Automobiles brand took place on March 3, 2015 at the Geneva trade show.

Opel shared or shares some of its models with Vauxhall, Buick, Chevrolet, Holden, Isuzu and Saturn (subsidiaries of General Motors), Fiat (Doblo) and Alfa Romeo (diesel engines), and Renault (Trafic and Master commercial vehicles).

Opel has a presence in Europe, Africa, Asia and the Pacific region but has little presence in America (Chile and the overseas departments and regions of France). The manufacturer is listed on the Frankfurt stock exchange as Adam Opel AG.

In France in 2019, the Opel network had 370 dealerships


Opel has been part of the PSA group since 2017, having belonged to the General Motors group from 1929 to 2017.

The offer is completed by the electric range with the Zoe, Twingo Electric, Kangoo Electric and Master Electric models.

The Renault network has 3,975 dealerships in France. Throughout the world, the Renault group sold nearly 3.8 million vehicles in 2019 (including nearly 700,000 in France), split between the Dacia (736,000 vehicles), Lada (412,000 vehicles) and Renault (2,357,000 vehicles) brands. In the context of range electrification, 62,500 fully electric vehicles were sold in 2019 worldwide.


Renault is France’s leading manufacturer in the commercial market with its business range for cars and also its range of commercial vehicles.
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