Connected vehicle management

Fleet management

Manage your connected vehicles with vehicle fleet management software

With precise analyses of vehicle usage rates, you have performance indicators at your disposal to improve your fleet management, track mileage and determine the use of unused vehicles. You can also schedule alerts or obtain an overview of your vehicles’ mileage.

A vehicle fleet management software also enables you to keep track of the dates of vehicle servicing, technical inspections and emissions checks.


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Cut fleet costs with Fleet Management

Better results with your vehicle fleet

Consume less fuel, avoid breakdowns…

…and reduce thefts and losses

Facilitate tax reporting on vehicle fleet management

Connect your vehicles to boost your fleet management and gain a competitive advantage by saving time and reducing total cost of ownership, while reducing risks on the road.

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  • Ocean helps you to control fuel costs by optimizing journey times.
  • View daily reports on vehicle servicing dates and mileages.
    Our solutions can tell you when cars are stationary and let you know if the engine is still running, to reduce CO2 emissions.
  • Receive alerts about vehicle characteristics (oil level, brake fluid, coolant, etc.) and prevent wear.
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  • Reduce the risk of accidents and locate your vehicles if there is a problem.
  • In the event of a potential theft, the Serenity Assistance option lets you work with the police to track your vehicle in real time.
  • Use the inbuilt GPS beacon and detect misuse.
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With Ocean’s support, keep the information about your vehicle registration, repair status, fines, and daily and weekly CO2 emissions in one place, and monitor mileage for compliance with driving laws on long term rentals using your vehicle fleet management software.

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By controlling the cost price of your vehicle fleet
you can save 20%

Track your vehicles in real time


Better management of your connected vehicles with our fleet management software

By configuring your indicators in Ocean’s vehicle fleet management software, you can prepare safety reports, focusing on specific targets linked to your needs and:

  • See a reduction in driving errors
  • Reduce engine idling
  • Allocate drivers according to their skills
  • Configure your data by region and work site
  • See vehicle statistics and prevent vehicle wear by managing technical inspections


Our solutions


Geo solutions

Solutions designed for fleet management for businesses of all sizes

Sans géolocalisation


The fleet management solution without geolocation

Conducteur connecté

Driver connect

The connected box, which identifies your drivers and protects their privacy