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Fleet management

Fleet management with Ocean: manage your teams and improve your service with our solutions

Ocean offers a suite of fleet management solutions to improve the profitability of your assets: cars, trucks, machinery and equipment. Easily integrate your company’s rules, working hours, lunch breaks, distance zones and alerts.

Receive relevant reports to view activity by addresses visited, sites, customers or suppliers. Encourage your drivers to commit to eco-driving to improve their safety and reduce your costs.


Whether you want to geolocate and track your drivers, manage your vehicles more efficiently, estimate the usage time of your equipment or locate your assets, there are Geo solutions to meet your needs and to suit your budget and fleet size. From small and medium-sized businesses to large fleets.

Geo Solutions

  • Geostart: geolocation of vehicles, machinery and other assets
  • Geopack: vehicle, machinery and equipment fleet management for small to medium-sized businesses
  • Geopro: complete solution integrating all options to manage your fleet of vehicles, equipment and assets
  • Geogoods: Geolocation of mobile assets
  • Geobuild, Georent: Machinery fleet and rented machinery management

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O-Direct Solutions

Regardless of your vehicle make and model, this device feeds back real data and precise, detailed information on your vehicle fleet.

The device integrates perfectly with our Geopack, Geopro and Parkconnect products, with or without geolocation.


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Données de gestion de flotte
  • Actual fuel consumption
  • Vehicle servicing
  • Actual usage time and mileage
  • Alerts: mechanical, driver safety
  • Precise driving behavior reports
Gestion de flotte sans géolocalisation
  • Tracking of business mileage
  • Savings on servicing costs
  • Time saved on fleet management
  • Monitoring of long-term rental contracts
  • Management of all your fuel cards

Parkconnect Solution

The Parkconnect solution offers you a fleet management solution without geolocation. Reduce your TCO (total cost of ownership) with the various analysis reports and improve your performance indicators to rationalize the total cost of your vehicle fleet.


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Data Solution

The Data solution is a module for dynamic integration of data collected from vehicles, machinery and mobile assets into your information system.


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The Data solution delivers:

  • Feedback of data at your fingertips
  • More streamlined field team supervision.
  • Significant time savings in administrative management.
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From the Geogoods tracking beacon to carsharing to improve profitability based on the size of your fleet, as well as the new toll and fuel card to track your drivers’ usage, discover all our latest products.

New products and Innovations

A division of the Orange Group, Ocean is driven by innovation. Discover all our new products and innovations for fleet management


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