Geo Solutions

All the geolocation solutions tailored to your vehicle fleet management needs in our Geo range for small business and large fleets and our solutions for tracking machinery and equipment

Vehicle tracking



A simple geolocation solution for small businesses to monitor teams in real time and reduce costs.

  • Maps (traffic info and satellite view)
  • Latest positions and movement history
  • Analysis of hours worked by mobile employees
  • Summary of fuel costs
  • GeoFencing and ChronoFencing alerts
  • Access to the Ocean Mobility app


Geolocation of company vehicles to run small and medium-sized business fleets, and to manage your vehicles, HGVs and machinery remotely.

All the features of GeoStart + :

  • Summary of time spent at each address
  • Search for the nearest vehicles
  • Monitoring of maintenance (3 items)
  • Eco-driving: indicators and challenges
  • User training (hourly fee)
  • Legal and social information materials
  • Access to the Ocean Mobility and Ocean Conduite apps


Geolocation of company vehicles to manage your activity effectively with all options, to improve quality of service and cut the costs of your fleet.

All the features of Geostart and Geopro + :

  • Improvement of customer satisfaction
  • Monitoring of maintenance (unlimited)
  • Cost analysis and optimization
  • User training (unlimited fee)
  • Customized legal and social support
  • Presentation of the project to staff representation bodies and employees
  • Standard or simplified CNIL declaration

Machinery & equipment tracking

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Make your assets communicate with geolocation.

GeoGoods is the Ocean solution for geolocating connected objects and assets in your equipment fleet. Connect unpowered objects with our standalone beacon and detect the location of all your equipment. Monitor the activity of your assets and capitalize on their use!

  • Alerts for movements outside normal hours (ChronoFencing)
  • Alerts for movements outside a defined perimeter (GeoFencing)
  • Useful aid for combating theft
  • Ready-to-use solution with beacon and platform access
  • Interface 100% connected to all your equipment (machinery, assets, vehicles)


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The solution specifically designed for managing the activity of your equipment fleet.

With GeoBuild, obtain key analyses for your equipment fleet with detailed reports to facilitate your fleet management activity. Locate and manage your construction machinery and obtain data in the event of theft or misuse.

  • Equipment position details on a map
  • Identification of drivers and operating times of your equipment
  • Tracking of time on sites
  • Alerts for lengthy equipment inactivity
  • Capability for remote immobilization of your equipment
  • Feedback of ChronoFencing and GeoFencing movement alerts
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The solution designed for managing your rental equipment fleet.

With GeoRent, receive specific analyses and reports tailored to your equipment rental business. By knowing the actual use of hired equipment and having the capability for remote immobilization in case of unpaid bills, you can considerably improve the management of your rental equipment fleet.

  • Details of the position of hired equipment on a map
  • Identification of equipment near a referenced address
  • Duration and costs of use of your rental equipment
  • Remote immobilization of your equipment in the event of theft or unpaid bills
  • ChronoFencing and GeoFencing movement alerts
  • Viewing of scheduled, completed and uncompleted maintenance