Construction industry

Geolocation to improve construction
companies’ margins

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Optimize the management of your activity with the construction site gps system

Manage your resources and improve quality of service by analyzing the activity of your construction company by site and by customer.

The Ocean solution specifically for the construction sector is fully customizable and provides a summary of all your useful data. We help you to identify where you could make savings and improve team organization, taking account of your structure and the construction management rules.

Geolocation system specifically for medium-sized and large companies. Our solution includes a gps tracker for construction machinery.


« 42,000 vehicles and 6,000 pieces of machinery are equipped with the Geopro solution for the construction industry »

Concrete advantages for managing your mobile activity

Optimize your resources with construction site GPS

Improve your construction company’s quality of service

Reduce your costs

Become environmentally responsible

Evaluate the hours of use of service vehicles and machinery, time spent on the construction site or on your customers’ sites. Analyze your teams’ performance based on objective criteria and increase billable time where relevant.

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Respect your commitments, maintain the traceability of operations and remain responsive to emergencies. Analyze the time spent on each site, the number of visits made, and locate the nearest employee in an emergency.

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Cut your fuel budget and reduce overtime by analyzing mileage and hours worked. Also optimize the total cost of ownership of vehicles and machinery by staying on top of maintenance schedules and long-term rental contracts.

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Reduce the environmental impact of your construction or civil engineering business, reduce accidents and encourage drivers of service vehicles to take responsibility by enabling them to monitor their driving behavior with the Ocean Conduite app.

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Our solutions


Geo Solutions

Solutions designed for fleet management for businesses of all sizes


Geopro Solution

The complete solution with all options to manage your fleet of vehicles, equipment and assets

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Geobuild Solution

The solution specifically designed for managing the activity of your equipment fleet