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Data solution

integrate your vehicles’ geolocation
data directly into your tools

Easily connect your business to your vehicle data

With the Data solution’s API, integrate the data from your vehicles, machinery and mobile assets directly into your information system. Use the telematics data in your tools to streamline the supervision of your field activities.

« The Data solution removes the need for multiple tools by integrating telematics data into your company’s environment »

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All your raw data directly usable with the Data solution

Save time by centralizing your data

The raw data become directly usable in your environment:

  • Input data in one go without connecting to different platforms, within your tools to prevent the risk of errors
  • More streamlined field team supervision and simplified working time declarations
  • Significant time savings in administrative management of data inputs


Gain de temps
géolocalisation véhicules engins

OrdinateurEasier data management for your vehicles, machinery and assets

All the essential information for high-performance fleet management automatically integrated with your information system, ERP, etc.

  • Positions and movement details for your fleet of vehicles and other items
  • Time spent by each employee on a site
  • Vehicle mileage counter and machinery usage time counter
  • Machinery usage time
  • Mileage tracking for compliance with your rental contracts
  • Plus other applications to be discovered


A solution enriched by powerful, diverse partnerships

Ocean has built an ecosystem of unique industry partners. By means of existing interfaces with its partners through the Data solution, Ocean caters for every market (construction, maintenance and response, landscaping, etc.) with a solution that precisely meets their needs.

  • Praxedo: Response management specialist
  • Twimm: Computer-assisted maintenance management specialist
  • Geoconcept: Major player specializing in “geo-optimization”
  • Spock Gestion: Specialist ERP for landscaping companies


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Manage emergencies linked to your activity

Configure email and SMS alerts in case of vehicle usage anomalies.

Geofencing lets you configure alerts for entry to and exit from a zone.

Chronofencing lets you configure alerts for vehicle usage times.

Solutions available with or without geolocation

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the app Ocean Mobility

Océan Mobility Océan Mobility

Your data are protected and always available in the Orange Business secure cloud.

To meet the needs of small, medium and large vehicle fleets, Ocean – Orange Business hosts your data and keeps them secure on Flexible Engine. Your fleet manager has completely secure access to all the data and all the information flows related to your fleets.

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