Driver management, economical driving and safety

Ocean helps you to manage your drivers and their data in compliance with CNIL…

Obtain employee data in compliance with CNIL and the GDPR. Processing of your employees’ personal data needs to be carefully managed. Ocean simplifies the job, so you can manage your fleet more easily, in compliance with the law.

Ocean supplies the declaration forms you need to send to the French data protection authority (CNIL), taking account of consent and the right to access, correct or delete personal data.

With the GeoPack and GeoPro solutions, benefit from dedicated customer service to help you use the data in compliance with the law. This enables you to manage your liability and that of your subcontractors.

Receive support on employee relations aspects when deploying Ocean’s solutions, to reassure your teams and the various staff representation bodies.

…and supports your drivers in working towards economical driving

Help your drivers progress towards more economical driving and become part of your company’s environmentally responsible approach, for improved safety. Opt for eco-driving with your employees to reduce accidents, and manage schedules and rounds with our solutions and applications.

Because your drivers are our core concern, Ocean also provides you with information documents to help explain our solutions to your drivers and to reassure them, particularly on managing their privacy.

Enhanced communication with your teams and calmer working conditions

Teams can be hesitant about geolocation, often seeing it as intrusive. We provide support to help your drivers to understand that they will benefit from the system, and that our solutions include privacy safeguards.

Using monitoring indicators, we also help you encourage them to drive more steadily, which uses less fuel. This promotes your company’s environmentally responsible approach and above all ensures safety at the wheel, reducing accidents and claims.


Homme utilisant une application de conduite

Optimize your drivers’ assignments with the Ocean Conduite applications

Because better driver management is achieved by optimizing drivers’ everyday activities, Ocean supports you with a dedicated app

Use our Ocean Conduite app to allocate assignments directly. With Ocean geolocation:

  • You know where the vehicle is on the map,
  • A color code indicates its activity: green if the vehicle is moving, orange if it is stopped with the engine running, and red if it is stopped and the engine is off.
  • You can instantly see the journey time by clicking on the destination, with an overview of the shortest time.



We provide an app specially designed for drivers: Ocean Conduite


Access privacy options to manage your hours with peace of mind


Use tools such as eco-driving to change your driving habits

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Application gestion de flotte

Find our dedicated solutions for drivers on the application Ocean Conduite

Océan Mobility Océan Mobility

Driver Connect : the onboard system integrated with our solutions

Equip your drivers with Driver Connect, the onboard box offering essential functionalities:

  • Driver identification
  • Eco-driving indicators
  • Privacy button

Driver Connect is simple to install on the dashboard and contributes to your fleet’s profitability by supporting your energy transition!

Save time on administrative management by identifying and managing your drivers on the road, and offer all your staff a simple solution to ensure their privacy is respected.

Our solutions


Geo Solutions

Solutions designed for fleet management for businesses of all sizes



The module for optimizing the use of your fleet and the number of vehicles you need

Sans géolocalisation

Parkconnect solution

The fleet management solution without geolocation

Matériel de chantier

Geogoods solution

The solution for geolocating your mobile assets