CSR initiatives at Ocean


A CSR initiative at the heart of Ocean’s challenges

Corporate social responsibility (CSR), which aims to limit companies’ environmental impact, concerns sustainable development, the environment, society and the economy.

ISO 26000* (the organization responsible for defining the international standards governing the way companies trade) defines it as:

« an organization’s responsibility for the impacts of its decisions and activities on society and the environment, through transparent and ethical behavior that: – contributes to Sustainable Development, including health and the welfare of society;
• takes into account the expectations of stakeholders;
• is in compliance with applicable law and consistent with international norms of behavior ;
• and is integrated throughout the organization and practised in its relationships ».

Source :*ISO 26000

CSR at Ocean with 3 axes


Our main measure in this area concerns the “greening” of the fleets managed using Ocean solutions through development and support for eco-driving.

Reducing the carbon footprint of our customers’ vehicles is one of the main actions we are implementing through eco-driving, using a device that tracks the way drivers drive. This device means that driving behaviors can be observed directly on our platform and our Ocean Conduite app, by recording “sudden” actions.

These actions are sudden braking and sharp turns, as well as driving above the speed limit, which can lead to the consumption of up to 40% more fuel than steadier driving.**

With this measure, we are trying to combat global warming while reducing the release of pollutant particles into the air.



In order to improve the social aspects of life within companies, as well as cohesion and solidarity, we equip our customers’ vehicles with carsharing systems. This means that several employees from a single company can use and share the same car or commercial vehicle. They work with the same tools, which obviously reduces the total cost of ownership of the fleet.

Because any sudden change can be difficult for a company to assimilate, we work to help with acceptance of our solutions among our customers’ employees.

Our social support is particularly present in the case of eco-driving, through the presentation of our initiative to staff representation bodies.



Both eco-driving and carsharing also have economic benefits.

We not only reduce fuel consumption by encouraging less fuel-hungry driving, but also reduce the purchase of additional vehicles by offering carsharing.

Steadier driving can also prevent accidents. Our fleet management solutions also offer the facility to anticipate and manage your vehicle maintenance schedule, reducing problems with a fleet that is always properly maintained.


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*Source : https://www.iso.org/sdgs.html
** https://presse.ademe.fr/2012/08/reduire-sa-consommation-de-carburant.html#:~:text=%C2%AB%20L’%C3%A9co%2Dconducteur%20%C2%BB,peut%20r%C3%A9aliser%20de%20substantielles%20%C3%A9conomies.

We support our customers’ employees through the adoption process of our solutions, particularly the eco-driving approach


We provide customers with materials related to our CSR initiative, such as the good driving leaflet


Rather than pushing the purchase of new vehicles, we encourage sharing of company vehicles with carsharing

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Digital and caring employer

As a digital and caring employer, we want to give our employees an unparalleled professional experience.

  • Diversity
  • Digitalization
  • Autonomy in the workplace
  • Training and development
  • Professional and pay equality
  • Disability inclusion




Eco-driving: up to 15% savings

As part of an environmentally responsible approach to driving, eco-driving helps you reduce the risk of accidents and the environmental impact of your vehicles by reducing CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.

Reducing fuel consumption by means of driving indicators, e.g. for sudden braking or sharp turns which consume approximately 40% more fuel, can reduce your CO2 emissions and deliver quantified savings.

By cutting your fuel costs and CO2, you can use this approach to become an environmentally responsible company and highlight your values.


Eco-driving, beneficial for both drivers and companies

With telematics solutions, you can drive in a more economical way and make significant savings while improving your employees’ safety. Improving driver management also means taking care of drivers’ safety. Ocean supports you with preventing road-related risks, which are the leading cause of death at work. You can also challenge your drivers.

Discover eco-driving

Delivering environmentally responsible driving and savings !

With our specially designed applications, you will quickly see savings through monitoring of your drivers’ driving styles. Dashboards show indicators such as accelerations, sharp turns and mileage. You also make fuel savings of 15 to 20% and optimize your total cost of ownership (TCO) over your whole fleet.


Our solutions

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The connected box, which identifies your drivers and protects their privacy


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