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O-Direct solutions

the solution that connects directly
to your vehicle and machinery data

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With the O-Direct solutions,

enjoy the benefits of a device that integrates with your vehicles and machinery, regardless of make. With O-Direct, real data and precise, detailed information can now be fed back rapidly by your fleet of vehicles and machinery.

O-Direct is a device that integrates perfectly with our Geopack, Geopro, Georent, Geobuild, Data et Connect, with or without geolocation, according to your needs.

« Obtain precise, real data on your vehicles and machinery with Ocean’s O-Direct solutions »

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Essential data for fleet management
fed back in real time

A device for universal boxes and those of our partner vehicle manufacturers

O-Direct adapts to suit all vehicle makes according to the different models. As partners of the PSA and Renault groups, we collaborate directly with them to obtain the most accurate and detailed information for your vehicles.

* Information available depending on vehicle models.

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Or using our partner vehicle manufacturers’ boxes

With O-Direct manufacturer, gain direct access to the data in the box already in your vehicles. Ocean Orange Business is a leader in telematics. Because of this, we have partnerships with vehicle manufacturers such as the PSA and Renault. We therefore work directly with them using connector technology to obtain the most detailed and accurate data from your vehicles. No need for any extra work, your vehicles are connected remotely.


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O Direct, benefits in detail

  • Viewing of actual fuel consumption
  • Automatic vehicle servicing detection, to anticipate and schedule inspections
  • Precise reports on usage time and actual vehicle mileage
  • Precise reports on operating time, idling time and actual mileage of machinery
  • Immediate alerts in the event of mechanical problems* (tires, oil, brakes)
  • Information to prevent vehicle and fuel theft*
  • Safety alerts for drivers of your vehicles
  • Driving summary: to understand and monitor your drivers better

* Information available depending on vehicle models.

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Heavy Vehicles option

With the O-Direct Heavy Vehicles option, retrieve real data from your construction site vehicles or HGVs. Monitor the activity of your teams on the ground or on the road with complete peace of mind. With the Heavy Vehicles option, discover:

  • Monitoring of legal hours of work with the tachograph
  • Control of fuel costs through theoretical/real comparisons
  • Monitoring of hours of use and mileages to analyse performance
  • Monitoring of the distances travelled by your construction site vehicles

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Analyse fleet management

Manage emergencies linked to your activity

Configure email and SMS alerts in case of vehicle usage anomalies.

Geofencing lets you configure alerts for entry to and exit from a zone.

Chronofencing lets you configure alerts for vehicle usage times.

Solutions available with or without geolocation

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Your data are protected and always available in the Orange Business secure cloud.

To meet the needs of small, medium and large vehicle fleets, Ocean – Orange Business hosts your data and keeps them secure on Flexible Engine. Your fleet manager has completely secure access to all the data and all the information flows related to your fleets.

Our solutions


Geopro solution

The complete solution with all options to manage your fleet of vehicles, equipment and assets


Geopack solution

The ideal solution for vehicle and equipment fleet management for small to medium-sized businesses

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Geobuild solution

The solution specifically designed for managing the activity of your equipment fleet

Sans géolocalisation


The fleet management solution without geolocation