Driver tracking, management and safety

Optimized driver management with or without vehicle geolocation

Improve driver management and schedules and delivery round management, and manage working hours. With Ocean, you can produce automatic daily and weekly time sheets

  • Identify car start times and arrival times.
  • Assess engine activity and hours spent on the road for each employee.
  • Reduce overtime.

With better driver management, you can optimize your costs and make savings of up to 20%.

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Management of drivers and their data in compliance with CNIL

Processing of personal data needs to be carefully managed. Manage employee data in compliance with CNIL and the GDPR with complete peace of mind. We supply the declaration forms to send to the French data protection authority (CNIL), taking account of consent and the right to access, correct or delete personal data.

You also benefit from dedicated customer service to support you with compliant use of the data and can thus guarantee your responsibility and that of the partners and subcontractors in your ecosystem.

What are the advantages of a vehicle fleet management software for driver tracking?

Use your vehicle fleet to its full potential with our solutions:

  • Optimize fuel consumption and your drivers’ safety
  • Detect and manage anomalies during your drivers’ journeys, and identify stationary states
  • See vehicle statistics and prevent vehicle wear by managing technical inspections
fleet management

What does driver management involve?


Reduce accidents by evaluating your drivers’ behavior on the road

With an accelerometer installed in the telematics box, assess behavior on the road with indicators such as:

  • Sudden braking,
  • Heavy use of the gas pedal,
  • Sharp turns.

Steadier driving uses less fuel, whereas faster driving, which is more risky, can use around 40% more fuel.


Driver management: Indicators and driver planning

Your indicator panel is used to prepare activity reports and can be configured with specific targets for your vehicle fleet. This enables you to focus on:

  • Reducing driving errors
  • Cutting down on engine idling
  • Allocating drivers according to their skills
  • And configuring your data by region and work site!

Set your alert notifications for better driver management


With Ocean, you can generate alerts in real time to keep you informed, as necessary, about:

  • Company vehicles used outside working hours
  • Abnormal towing of construction machinery
  • Aggressive driving at excessive speeds
  • Accident detection

Protect your drivers with Ocean’s driving apps

Improving driver management also means taking care of drivers’ safety. Ocean supports you in preventing risks on the road, which are the leading cause of death at work.

Use our Ocean Conduite app for vehicle geolocation and to allocate assignments directly.

With Ocean geolocation:

  • Rapidly locate your vehicle’s position on a detailed map
  • A color code indicates its activity: green if the vehicle is moving, orange if it is stopped with the engine running, and red if it is stopped and the engine is off.

Fleet management without geolocation, it can be done!

Don’t want geolocation? Optimize your fleet with Park Connect

Ocean informs you of mileage, usage cost and CO2 emissions. Receive essential information and respect your drivers’ privacy.  Cut TCO (total cost of ownership) too, by reducing your maintenance costs, fuel costs and insurance premiums. Monitor long-term rental contracts and manage all fuel cards with Ocean.

Avec ou sans géolocalisation

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Solutions designed for fleet management for businesses of all sizes

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Driver Connect

The connected box, which identifies your drivers and protects their privacy


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The module for identifying drivers’ non-working hours