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Teams specializing in company mobility through fleet management

A division of Orange Business(Orange Group), Ocean is a fleet management specialist and has been offering solutions tailored to the French, European and international markets since 20 years.

We offer fleet management solutions with or without geolocation, but above all we provide French expertise with a focus on performance and innovation.


Ocean - Orange Business it's today

More than 7 000 Customers equipped
More than 22 000 Customers using our solution
150 000 Connected equipment

Why choose Ocean – Orange Business ?


French expertise

Our customers’ geolocation data are precious.

Consequently we have chosen to host them entirely in France, on multiple highly secure servers. The technology is entirely managed by our R&D team, which represents nearly one third of our workforce.


A strong group focused on innovation
vers l’innovation

The Ocean division is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Orange group, which reassures our customers in a rapidly expanding geolocation market. By choosing Ocean, you ensure business continuity and you benefit from a team focused on innovation and improvement of performance.

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We are recognized by professional federations

Ocean is a partner of professional bodies in the construction, civil engineering, landscaping, maintenance and response, and sales force sectors.

For example:

Ocean equips 1,300 customers in the construction industry

It is the only geolocation services provider to be listed on e-btp, the French Building Federation’s services platform.


Expert teams
and customer service

In addition to providing French expertise, we guarantee parts and labor through our high-quality customer service. Our installers are Ocean employees and high quality service providers committed to giving you the best possible quality of service in the work they do.

You are also supported throughout your contract by a dedicated customer adviser who knows your organization and requirements.


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Clients Satisfaits

Our customers are satisfied

By providing demonstrations, support and follow-up throughout your contract through a customer adviser, we can assure you of optimal use of the solution and ongoing satisfaction.

You receive assistance and training to help you configure the tool and use the data to secure a return on your investment in the long term. We can also provide support to your employees to optimize rollout and use of your Ocean solution.


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Digital and caring employer

As a digital and caring employer, we want to give our employees an unparalleled professional experience.

  • Diversity
  • Digitalization
  • Autonomy in the workplace
  • Training and development
  • Professional and pay equality
  • Disability inclusion