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Fleet management with the Ocean solution: managing and steering your business on a daily basis

The Ocean solution – Orange Business equips many companies in France and also offers its services internationally, to meet the needs of our customers on the African continent and in Southern Europe. Our offers are declined according to your needs and the country in which your company and activity are present.

The Ocean solution and its different offers and functionalities allow a control of the daily activity, a reduction of the costs related to the fleet of vehicles and an ideal follow-up of your drivers. The fleet management platform also responds to the climate emergency by offering features that reduce CO2 emissions and lower the carbon footprint. To go even further and help you engage your CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) approach, we also offer modules for driver safety and cost reduction, so as to be in line with the three pillars of CSR: environmental, social and economic.


All our distributors are trained by our experts and hold all the necessary knowledge to support their clients.

Geolocation: Our offers



Geopack: What are the benefits?



Geopro: What are the benefits?


A geolocation offer tailored to the needs of SMEs and microbusinesses. Its many features make managing car, HGV and construction vehicle fleets a breeze. It gives you access to:

  • Traffic information and satellite view
  • Latest positions and journey history
  • An analysis of hours worked by teams on the road and a summary of time spent at each address
  • A fuel costs summary
  • GeoFencing and ChronoFencing alerts
  • The eco-driving module
  • Monitoring of services (3 items)
  • The “nearest vehicle search” function


  • Au suivi des entretiens (3 postes)
  • A la fonction « recherche des véhicules les plus proches »


  • Optimised management of activity on the ground
  • A more cost-effective fleet
  • Fewer accidents

This is our most comprehensive geolocation offer. It meets the needs of companies with large fleets of cars, HGVs or construction vehicles. In addition to all the Geopro features, it also gives you:

  • Unlimited monitoring of services
  • Analysis and optimisation of your costs
  • User training (unlimited package)
  • Customised legal and employment support
  • Project presentation to staff representation bodies and employees
  • Assistance with CNIL declaration


  • A comprehensive, tailor-made package offering big savings
  • Greater customer satisfaction
  • The start of an environmentally responsible approach
  • A smaller carbon footprint
  • A reduction in total cost of fleet ownership (TCO)
  • Road accident prevention to make your drivers safer
  • Fuel savings
  • Optimised routes for each driver

Real data: Our offers


O-Direct: The solution connected direct to your vehicle data

Our universal box covering a multitude of makes and models enables you to connect your whole fleet and benefit from the reporting of real data and accurate information on the Ocean platform. This offer is available in all countries where the Ocean-Orange Business solution is marketed.

O-Direct lets you manage your fleet by identifying the vehicles used based on fuel level, usage time and distance travelled. You can also receive technical alerts directly on the platform in the event of breakdowns, engine overheating, oil level problems, etc.

The feedback of real odometer data also makes it possible to identify when services are due and receive alerts when events happen, so you can optimise maintenance management.


Offer for HGVs

With O-Direct for Heavy Goods Vehicles, monitoring your teams on the ground is made easier. Access the real data for your HGVs in order to manage fuel costs and HGV use. O-Direct for Heavy Goods Vehicles lets you monitor and verify actual mileage and make more accurate analyses of fleet performance.

Check your drivers’ current activity and monitor total time per activity type: working, driving, resting or available for a new task. You can also set weekly and/or monthly targets for number of hours worked by each driver and check whether they are met.