Maintenance and response sector

improve your teams’ response management


Improve productivity and responsiveness to achieve better performance

As part of your maintenance and response activity, you need to guarantee faultless service with rapid response times to serve demanding customers in an increasingly competitive context.

With a tailored vehicle fleet management solution, you can manage your field teams efficiently and organize your resources better. With our dedicated solutions, particularly the Geopro product, improve your performance and that of your teams with precise tools and summary reports.

With fleet location, you can manage emergency responses calmly, improving customer satisfaction.

« At Ocean we aim to tailor our solutions to your specific needs driven by your end customers’ high expectations. »

Better quality of service through better fleet management

Optimize your field teams

Make savings

Improve and measure your performance

Encourage eco-driving and reduce claims

With our vehicle fleet management solutions, analyze mileage, vehicle usage rates, and the exact amount of time spent with customers. Increase the productivity of your field teams during different response callouts.

With Geopro, we respond to your sector’s needs by helping you to distribute workload fairly among your technicians, taking account of their skills and geographical constraints.
You can manage your teams better and assess performance based on objective criteria.

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Significant savings can also be made with our vehicle fleet management solutions. Reduce your maintenance costs (better organization, alerts, etc.), insurance costs (reduction in claims) and save up to 20% on fuel (lower mileage).


Guaranteeing service continuity is essential in your sector. In an emergency (vehicle accident or breakdown, new assignment, etc.), locate the employee nearest to the customer’s address and send them the change of assignment.

By fulfilling your commitments and response times, you meet your customers’ expectations, improve your quality of service and increase customer satisfaction.

You can also assess workload and adapt your organization to build a robust long-term strategy for your business.

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Committing to environmentally responsible behavior is a real challenge for businesses.

It is a challenge that also affects your maintenance and response activity, because it means making your technicians aware of and responsible for eco-driving. With our fleet management solutions, you can support your technicians to help them improve their driving behavior and reduce claims and accidents, as well as CO2 emissions.

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