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More accurate driver tracking with greater peace of mind

Track your drivers’ movements and positions in real time and in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). With Ocean’s eco-driving app, your drivers can drive more economically and cut CO2 emissions. Apart from consuming less fuel, the eco-driving app also improves your employees’ safety and enables them to drive more steadily, reducing accidents.


Simplified vehicle fleet management for your connected vehicles

As a fleet manager, being able to schedule alerts based on dates and mileage is ideal. With a dedicated vehicle fleet management solution, you can also predict vehicle maintenance better and anticipate any problems. This enables you to reduce vehicle wear and adapt the size of your vehicle fleet to your actual needs.


Fleet management

Connect your assets with accessible fleet tracking

With connected fleet tracking, retrieve information about the use of your vehicles, machinery and equipment. With the GPS tracker and GSM geolocation, you are warned of potentially risky use of your company vehicles, site machinery or shipping containers for councils. This can reduce loss and damage.


Make savings with Ocean eco-driving

Encourage your company and drivers to drive in an environmentally responsible way to reduce your carbon footprint. With telematics solutions, you can drive in a more economical way and make significant savings while improving your employees’ safety.



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