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Ivory Coast is committed to road safety and climate change


The past years, Sub-Saharan African countries have been implementing solutions to promote road safety and reduce carbon emissions

Focus on Ivory Coast

The vehicle fleet in sub-Saharan African countries is one of the fastest growing in the world, which have increased the CO2 emissions and accidents in the territory. Some governments have already adopted a proactive policy to minimize these impacts.

In Ivory Coast, for example, an intelligent video system that reports speeding have been implemented in the capital, Abidjan. This new technology is more efficient than the conventional radar. According to the Ministry of Transport in Ivory Coast, the purpose of this new system, is to encourage population to change driving behavior, to make roads more fluid and thus reduce the number of accidents and CO2 emissions.

Indeed, this intelligent radar detects traffic violation (speeding, running a red light, degrading license plates, etc.) and sends a notification by SMS to the vehicle’ owner. Then, drivers then have the option of consulting their file online and paying or contesting the fine.

About 3 million traffic offenses have been recorded by the intelligent radar since its deployment last year. Although the system generates some debate among the population, it has already shown positive results. The Ministry of Transport in Ivory Coast have announced a 43% decrease in the number of traffic-related accidents.

This significant decrease shows already a change in drivers’ behavior on the road.

Intelligent radar, a new challenge for fleet managers

Companies in Ivory Coast have had to adapt to this new road safety system. Managing the safety of their drivers is one of the many challenges a fleet manager faces daily. Additional support such as on-board telematics can be a response to address these challenges.

Gestion de flotte externalisée

Mr. Kouassi Denis Tiegbe, Vertical B2B Projects Manager for Orange Ivory Coast and distributor of the Ocean – Orange Business Services solution, provides an update on the subject.

“The government has already noted a decrease in accidents rate in Abidjan and companies are aware of the subject. The Ministry of Transport and the Road Safety Office in Ivory Coast lead regularly workshops with private companies to support them in their road risk prevention policies,” empathize Mr. Tiegbe.

Kouassi Denis adds that the installation of a fleet management system is essential to support companies in this process. “Fleet managers are increasingly challenged in their job, whether by managing the cost of the vehicle fleet or by adopting policies to secure their drivers. The implementation of on-board telematics represents a real aid on the management of these issues,” adds Kouassi Denis.

How can the Ocean – Orange Business Services solution can support fleet managers in preventing road risks?


The Ocean – Orange Business Services solution provides numerous functionalities adapted to the growing demand for road safety:

  • Speeding alert system: a buzzer that beeps in case of non-authorized speeding, this system encourages the driver to quickly change the behavior.
  • Eco-driving: engage drivers in a responsible and safe driving according to the road type and their behavior.
  • Maintenance follow-up : manage technical maintenance for better road safety.
  • Reports on CO2 emissions and fuel consumption: for a CSR (corporate social responsibility) approach and fast financial results.

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A dedicated Ocean team, represented by Daniel Essaka (Ocean business manager dedicated to sub-Saharan Africa), supports the teams in each country. Reach out for him for more information or find our list of official partners distributing the Ocean solution in your country here!


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A big thanks to Kouassi Denis, our commercial partner in Ivory Coast, for the expertise that he brought to this article.

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