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Electronic toll pass and fuel card

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Monitor your fuel consumption and toll payments

To make everyday management easier, Ocean integrates data from fuel cards* and electronic toll passes** directly into its solutions. You can therefore import or manually add all the information and transactions from toll passes, and other means of payment.

This rapid integration means that you can view all the information for movements during toll payments and fuel refilling by your teams: your data are managed in a much more streamlined way.

« Full integration of the data from fuel cards and electronic toll passes saves a lot of time because data can be managed all in one place. »

*Fuel cards managed : Total, Leclerc, Intermarché, Edenred, Esso
**Toll passes managed: Vinci

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Quick and simple monitoring to anticipate problems and manage drivers

Detect fuel consumption anomalies with the fuel card

With the fuel card, precisely track actual consumption compared to fuel top-ups. The fuel card report enables you to identify fuel thefts. You can also assign a more clearly defined budget to your teams and anticipate your expenditure.

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Three analysis levels with the electronic toll pass

While fuel consumption monitoring is essential, detecting problems with the electronic toll pass can be a means of managing certain drivers. Three analysis levels are available :
• Assignment : identifies anomalies due to non-assignment of a vehicle. You can assign the badge to a vehicle or person.
• Journey : detects anomalies linked to the use of an electronic toll pass to prevent fraudulent use.
• Position anomalies : identification is made more than 7 km from a toll station with position recording every 5 minutes, which can be useful in cases of fraud.


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Connect and manage all your property, from vehicles and construction machinery to mobile assets.
Connected fleet management consists of collecting information on the use of your fleet, whether it is made up of cars, machinery or equipment.
This information is gathered using connected boxes (which contain a GPS chip) and locator beacons, which we offer as part of our specially designed solutions.

Our system lets you track your fleet’s field activity. It alerts you at the desired date or distance of any servicing or technical inspections due to be carried out, for more efficient vehicle fleet management.

Coupled with an immobilization system, prevent the use of machinery by unauthorized personnel. Track machinery activity by driver and easily identify drivers by means of activity reports.

Green your fleet with Ocean. You benefit from modules dedicated to CSR: management of electric and hybrid vehicles, including electrification diagnostics, eco-driving and car-sharing.

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