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The complete fleet management service  

Optimum management of a fleet of vehicles, machines or other goods takes substantial resources. Fleet managers face significant ROI challenges, which are often difficult to overcome because of extended working hours and ever greater responsibilities.

What if Ocean – Orange Business Services helped you to focus more on your strategy, by delegating operational tasks ? With our Premium Service, you can delegate the administrative management of your fleet, save time, benefit from tools and advice on a daily basis and make financial savings.

With the Premium Service : Delegate to manage better ! 

*service available for fleets of more than 100 vehicles, with the Geopack, Geopro, Geogoods and Parkconnect solutions

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What does the Premium Service include ?


A dedicated Premium Service contact

In addition to your customer service representative, you will have a dedicated contact for your outsourced fleet management monitoring, on a daily basis.

Easily achieve better supervision of your fleet with:

  • Monitoring indicators
  • Regular updates on actions taken
  • Monitoring of completed and scheduled maintenance
  • Clear and precise analysis reports

Precise monitoring with the monthly dashboard

With the outsourced fleet management offered by the Premium Service, you can obtain analyses faster.

All your data are centralised by your contact, who sorts and compiles it into a dashboard that can be viewed at any time and is also sent to you. Your dashboard is updated over time, redesigned and adapted to make it easier to read, so that you can


  • Better understand your fleet and its activity.
  • Monitor completed or scheduled maintenance of your vehicle fleet.

Monthly supervision meetings

Every month, the Premium Service guarantees monitoring tailored to your business with actions designed specifically to meet your needs.

During supervision meetings, you will find out how to:

  • Understand the performance indicators set up through the feedback of data reworked in advance by your contact
  • Prioritise and schedule future actions to optimise your activity

Business experts offering techniques and advice

With a clearly defined methodology, you learn alongside business experts the best way to manage your vehicle fleet during regular updates where you can discover and learn more about:

  • How to optimise your activity management
  • How to make more savings on your fleet
  • How to save even more time

With the Premium Service : Delegate to manage better ! 

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Our solutions


Geopro solution

The complete solution with all options to manage your fleet of vehicles, equipment and assets

Sans géolocalisation

Parkconnect solution

The fleet management solution without geolocation



The module for optimizing the use of your fleet and the number of vehicles you need

Construction automobile

O-Direct Solutions

The device that feeds back real data on your fleet


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