A simple fleet geolocation
solution for small businesses


Improve the profitability and operational management of your business

With the GeoStart fleet geolocation solution, track your field teams in real time and receive reports on your vehicle fleet. Simplified management to reduce costs for small businesses and increase your fleet’s return on investment!

With GeoStart, tracking your employees’ activity has never been easier: receive intuitive reports on the actions of your drivers on the road and at construction sites, and obtain precise, useful data on all the vehicles in your fleet.

« More than 7,000 businesses are already equipped with Ocean real-time vehicle tracking solutions »

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Track your activity with a fleet geolocation solution

Track your activity in real time with a fleet geolocation solution

With Geostart, track your drivers’ positions and analyze a record of their movements on a map. Obtain more information about hours worked, journey times, mileage and fuel costs to optimize your resources. Comply with regulations by equipping your vehicles with a privacy button to reassure your teams during personal journeys.

Essential features for your fleet geolocation

  • Precise real-time monitoring on a map with traffic information and satellite view
  • Movement history reports and push email
  • Information on hours worked by mobile employees
  • Fuel costs summary, CO2 emissions report
  • Alerts on entries and exits from a geographical area with GeoFencing
  • Alerts on vehicle use outside defined hours with Chronofencing
  • Includes access to the Ocean Mobility app


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Driver Connect : the onboard system which integrates with our solutions

Equip your drivers with Driver Connect, the onboard box that offers you extra functionalities :

  • Driver identification
  • Eco-driving indicators
  • Privacy button

Driver Connect is simple to install on the dashboard and contributes to your fleet’s profitability while helping you to be environmentally responsible! Save time on administrative management by identifying and managing your drivers on the road, and offer all your staff a simple solution to ensure their privacy is respected.

Your data are protected and always available in the Orange Business Services secure cloud.

To meet the needs of small, medium and large vehicle fleets, Ocean – Orange Business Services hosts your data and keeps them secure on Flexible Engine. Your fleet manager has completely secure access to all the data and all the information flows related to your fleets.

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