Geostart commitment-free

A simple fleet geolocation solution for
small businesses


A commitment-free offer for the current period

The current situation has prompted Ocean to adapt its offer to address the problems faced by SMEs and microbusinesses. The Geostart commitment-free offer was developed in this very particular context and enables businesses to protect their cash flow on a commitment-free basis. It provides an opportunity to discover a fleet management solution that helps to reduce spending on vehicles and machines

  • Reduction in fuel costs
  • Reduction in maintenance costs
  • Better control of insurance costs

With Geostart commitment-free, monitor your teams remotely in real time and receive basic reports on your vehicles.

« With this offer, we are hoping to help businesses get through this period.»

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Monitor your activity commitment-free with a fleet geolocation solution

Monitor your teams remotely in real time

With Geostart commitment-free, monitor your drivers’ positions and analyse the journey history on a map. Obtain information about hours worked, journey times, mileages and fuel costs to optimise your resources. Comply with regulations by fitting vehicles with a privacy button, giving your teams reassurance during personal trips.

Essential features for your vehicle geolocation

  • Precise real-time map-based monitoring with traffic information and satellite view
  • Journey history reports and push-mail
  • Information on hours worked by employees on the road
  • Fuel costs summary, CO2 emissions report
  • Alertes d’entrées ou de sorties géographiques avec Geofencing
  • Alerts when your vehicles enter or exit a geographical area with Geofencing
  • Alerts for use of vehicles outside set times with Chronofencing
  • Access included in the Ocean Mobility app


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Find Geostart commitment-free on the application Ocean Mobility

Océan Mobility Océan Mobility

Driver Connect : the onboard system which integrates with our solutions :

Driver identification

Eco-driving indicators

Privacy button

Driver Connect is simple to install on the dashboard and contributes to your fleet’s profitability while helping you to be environmentally responsible! Save time on administrative management by identifying and managing your drivers on the road, and offer all your staff a simple solution to ensure their privacy is respected.

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