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Track and manage

your rental equipment fleet


The ideal solution for managing your rental construction machinery fleet

Track the activity of your machinery and manage your rented fleet of machinery and equipment effectively while controlling costs.

With geolocation, you receive summary analyses and reports tailored to the specific needs of your rental business (actual use of rental equipment, remote immobilization in case of unpaid bills, etc.).

« Ocean offers the Georent solution, specially designed to meet the needs of equipment rental companies that sometimes have to deal with misuse or abuse of their equipment.»

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Construction, agricultural and handling equipment rental:
track your equipment effectively

Effective equipment tracking

Improve your rental equipment fleet management, contract monitoring and customer relations. Invoice for the exact use of your equipment through precise tracking and capitalize on your resources for a quicker return on investment.


Locate and manage your equipment and detect misuse or abuse.

  • Details of the positions and operating times of your rental equipment on a map
  • Location of equipment near a referenced address
  • Optimization of usage rates of your rental fleet
  • Remote immobilization of equipment in the event of theft or unpaid bills
  • Alerts in the event of unauthorized use or movement through Chronofencing & Geofencing
  • Anticipate and keep track of servicing inspections and maintenance due
  • Monitoring of auxiliary engine use


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100% connected

Connect and manage all your property, from vehicles and construction machinery to mobile assets.
Connected fleet management consists of collecting information on the use of your fleet, whether it is made up of cars, machinery or equipment.
This information is gathered using connected boxes (which contain a GPS chip) and locator beacons, which we offer as part of our specially designed solutions.

Our system lets you track your fleet’s field activity. It alerts you at the desired date or distance of any servicing or technical inspections due to be carried out, for more efficient vehicle fleet management.

Coupled with an immobilization system, prevent the use of machinery by unauthorized personnel. Track machinery activity by driver and easily identify drivers by means of activity reports.

Green your fleet with Ocean. You benefit from modules dedicated to CSR: management of electric and hybrid vehicles, including electrification diagnostics, eco-driving and car-sharing.

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Our solutions

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Geogoods solution

The solution for geolocating your mobile assets

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Geobuild solution

The solution specifically designed for managing the activity of your equipment fleet

Sans géolocalisation

Parkconnect Solution

The fleet management solution without geolocation