Vehicle geolocation system to manage

your activity efficiently


Improve your quality of service and cut the cost of your fleet.

Geopro is the complete, made-to-measure company vehicle geolocation system by Ocean. Analyze your activity and optimize your organization from your smartphone, computer or tablet. Make your vehicle fleet more profitable with an all-options solution offering the functionalities of Geostart and Geopack plus additional more in-depth features enabling you to optimize each employee’s assignments and thus increase customer satisfaction.

« Accessible from any device, the GeoPro geolocation system is the ideal tailor-made solution to meet the needs of large vehicle fleets! »

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Ocean’s most complete geolocation solution for your vehicle fleet

A customized vehicle fleet management solution

All the features of Geostart et Geopack plus :

  • Monitoring and activity optimization reports
  • Customizable alert creation
  • Assignment traceability and improvement of customer satisfaction
  • Decision support indicator dashboard
  • Monitoring of maintenance (unlimited) and your rental contracts
  • Access to the Ocean Mobility app for your fleet managers
  • Access to the Ocean Conduite app for your drivers
Géo répartition
Synthèse Gestion de Flotte

Reduce your costs associated with fleet management and make your company more environmentally friendly

  • Summary and detailed reports on fleet management costs
  • Eco-driving: indicators and challenges: Raise awareness among your teams and encourage them to adopt an environmentally responsible attitude by setting eco-driving challenges: Analyze driving feedback and identify risky behaviors. Monitor the positive impact of your fleet management actions over time, limiting vehicle wear and reducing accident rates
  • Improve your company’s image through your CSR approach


Comprehensive support for successful integration into your ecosystem

  • Customized legal and social support
  • Customized study and optimization of your costs by a management committee
  • Presentation of the project to staff representation bodies and employees
  • Standard or simplified CNIL declaration
  • User training (unlimited fee)


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With Geopro, discover the Premium Service

The Premium Service service allows you to outsource your vehicle fleet management to focus on less operational and more strategic aspects on a daily basis. The Premium service is available with the Geopro solution.


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Your data are protected and always available in the Orange Business Services secure cloud.

To meet the needs of small, medium and large vehicle fleets, Ocean – Orange Business Services hosts your data and keeps them secure on Flexible Engine. Your fleet manager has completely secure access to all the data and all the information flows related to your fleets.

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