Car Policy

a strategic tool for your fleet management

Car policy

Define a car policy for your drivers

Car Policy presents the terms of assignment and conditions of use of your company’s cars. It informs your drivers of best practices, but also has a strategic aspect because it aims to reduce vehicle fleet management costs. Car Policy provides:

  • For drivers: greater responsiveness in managing incidents, greater autonomy thanks to rapidly accessible documents.
  • For fleet managers: less time spent on administration when managing minor incidents, because of the information relayed in Car Policy.

Would you like to centralise the data on vehicle rules, driver obligations and maintenance?
Ocean – Orange Business Services offers you the Car Policy tool directly on the Ocean platform but also in your drivers’ Ocean Conduite apps.

« Car Policy can be described as a genuine strategic management tool for your business »

Discover Car Policy

A strategic management tool for your business

Meeting your drivers’ needs

Car Policy makes it easy for fleet managers to send drivers all the documents and information they need for vehicles used for work.

This includes the rules for the use of company vehicles and cars, driver obligations, company responsibilities, the company’s environment policy, maintenance rules, and procedures for accidents and claims.

Car Policy is a bit like the vehicle’s operating instructions. You can find it on our platform in four modules:


  • Documentation module: where the vehicle usage charter can be found
  • Vehicle Data Sheet module: which sets out the vehicle’s technical characteristics. (vehicle type, distance travelled, etc.)
  • Contacts module: which lists all the useful numbers for breakdowns, accidents and questions.
  • FAQ module: where the fleet manager answers in advance any questions that might be asked by drivers. (What do I do if…)

Car Policy is run from the Ocean platform, where it is enhanced and supplemented by the fleet manager. Drivers can then access it in the Ocean Conduite app, where it can be viewed at any time on a mobile phone or tablet.

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Car Policy

100% connected

Connect and manage all your property, from vehicles and construction machinery to mobile assets.
Connected fleet management consists of collecting information on the use of your fleet, whether it is made up of cars, machinery or equipment.
This information is gathered using connected boxes (which contain a GPS chip) and locator beacons, which we offer as part of our specially designed solutions.

Our system lets you track your fleet’s field activity. It alerts you at the desired date or distance of any servicing or technical inspections due to be carried out, for more efficient vehicle fleet management.

Coupled with an immobilization system, prevent the use of machinery by unauthorized personnel. Track machinery activity by driver and easily identify drivers by means of activity reports.

Green your fleet with Ocean. You benefit from modules dedicated to CSR: management of electric and hybrid vehicles, including electrification diagnostics, eco-driving and car-sharing.

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